Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy was designed to perform in sewer service. Extended above ground storage requires some precautions. Although our experience indicates that the majority of Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy lined pipe and fittings do not have problems with years of above ground storage, the probability of damage from repeated handling (moved from one job to the next) and damage from high temperatures in extreme climates, escalates with long term above ground storage. Protecto 401 lined ductile iron pipe and fittings must be put in sewer service in as good condition as possible in order to perform up to Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy’s 29 year service record of no in-service failure.

Based upon testing and some limited experience in long term above ground storage, it is Induron’s opinion that Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy lined ductile iron pipe and fittings should be installed within one year of lining. The date of lining is the first set of numbers in white on the interior of the pipe or fitting.
However, depending upon ambient conditions, location of storage, and other factors, installation times up to 18 months from the time of lining may be approved if requested in writing and accompanied by inspection within two weeks prior to burial by an authorized Induron representative, an approved Protecto 401 applicator,or a representative of the pipe manufacturer.

If installation within one year of lining is not accomplished, then Induron recomends measures which may be taken for the protection of the Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy lined pipe and fittings for extended storage above ground. The precautions for long term storage are intended to protect the pipe and/or fittings, which are painted black, from the extreme heat generated in harsh climates due to extended exposure to sunlight. This may be accomplished by moving them under cover or covering all exposed sunlit black surfaces with white latex paint or well ventilated light colored tarps. All Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy lined pipe or fittings, whether stored above ground past one year or not, should undergo a thorough visual inspection by the installer to determine that no damage is present prior to installation.

The one year from lining requirement is designed to insure that Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy lined ductile iron pipe and fittings are treated as quality products and that proper rotation of stock is a priority.
This document supersedes all other documents pertaining to this subject.