About Protecto


In 1979, Induron Coatings, Inc. began the two-year research and development process that led to the industry-leading product known as Protecto 401TM today.

The first Protecto 401TM-lined ductile iron sewer pipe was placed into service in 1981. Since then, literally thousands of miles of ductile iron sewer pipe have been lined with Protecto 401TM

Specifically designed to protect ductile iron sanitary sewer pipe, Protecto 401TM Ceramic Epoxy Lining provides the reliability of cement mortar lining with the unequaled corrosion protection of novolac epoxy. Its unique qualities have resulted in performance unmatched by any other lining.


Over the years, Protecto 401TM has been exhaustively tested and evaluated-both by Induron’s own Research and Development professionals, and in independent laboratory settings. CLICK HERE to review results of these tests-as well as other important data associated with lining for ductile iron sewer pipe.

To further protect your ductile iron sewer pipe projects, Induron allows no deviations from our strict testing and application specifications without our prior written approval. All third-party inspections are conducted using Induron’s standard Protecto 401TM Ceramic Epoxy Quality Control Procedures.

Protecto 401TM is applied to the interior of ductile pipe and fittings, utilizing specialized application equipment and stringent specifications. The lining is designed to be applied at a nominal 40-mil thickness. A nondestructive pinhole detection test, and a thickness test, are performed to insure a sound, chemically-resistant protective lining for ductile iron pipe and fittings.

Ductile iron pipe lined with Induron’s Protecto 401TM Ceramic Epoxy can only be pushed when using a restrained joint system that does not allow the spigot to contact the Bell Shoulder. Pipe may be pulled using restrained joint pipe-or restraining gaskets as restraints.

Restraining gaskets must never be pushed; nor should pipe be homed all the way to the Bell Shoulder with restraining gaskets. Pushing or pulling ductile iron pipe lined with Protecto 401TM using any other technique may damage the lining.

The practice of pulling a metal mandrel through Protecto 401TM-lined ductile iron pipe is not recommended, and should be considered carefully. Most mandrels have legs with sharp edges produced by wear.

Mandrels are usually the size of the interior diameter of PVC pipe. Because ductile iron pipes are larger; these mandrels tend to ride on the edge of the center legs-which may result in damage to the lining.

Sizing Mandrels should be plastic balls with grooves to allow passage of rocks, or metallic mandrels with a length greater than 1.5 times the pipe diameter-with polyethylene (or other plastic skid plates) at pipe contact points.

Induron Protecto 401TM Ceramic Epoxy is intended for use in domestic sanitary sewage lines. Chemical injection for odor control may damage pipe, gaskets, and/or protective linings-and should be undertaken with extreme caution. Requests for industrial sewer applications of Protecto 401TM-lined ductile pipe and fittings should be made to a pipe marketing representative for individual recommendations.

Founded in 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama, family-owned Induron Coatings, Inc. manufactures a variety of coating products for protecting steel and iron in municipal and industrial applications. Under the Induron brand name, the company primarily serves the water tank and treatment plant markets.

Over the decades, Induron has established more than its share of industry benchmarks. Architectural paints-like 101 Primer and Monarch Acrylics-with unlimited product warranties. Several breakthrough products utilizing patented coating formulas. High build, high performance products like Ruff Stuff 2100 Coal Tar Epoxy & Ruff Stuff 3300. And, of course, the sanitary-sewage industry’s leading ceramic epoxy lining for ductile pipe & fittings, Protecto 401TM.

Now in its third generation of leadership, Induron’s high performance coatings serve a range of industrial applications broader than its founders ever envisioned. But the core business values of Absolute Product and Company Integrity continue to drive the company today. And tomorrow.