Nothing protects tough sewer pipe applications more effectively than ductile iron pipe and fittings lined with Induron’s Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy. It’s been successfully used in hundreds of sanitary sewer applications and proven both in laboratory testing and decades of actual sewer service.

Since 1981, literally thousands of miles of ductile iron sewer pipe have been lined with Protecto 401™. Give your projects and your reputation the protection they deserve. Specify ductile iron pipe and fittings lined with Protecto 401™.

CeramapureTM may be used “AS EQUAL” to the industry leading ceramic modified novolac epoxy.

Protecto 401 is not for use as a Potable Water Lining.
Use Induron’s Ceramapure PL 90 for Potable Water Lining of Ductile Iron Pipe.

Ceramawrap Information